5 statistical marks LSU must hit for success in 2023

In 2022, Brian Kelly made his LSU debut with a 10-win year. Kelly has stopped rebuilding. Many believe LSU is prepared to compete at a higher level in 2023 after the Tigers’ performance in 2022.

5 statistical marks LSU must hit for success in 2023

  • 12% 20-yard pass rate.
  • Top 15 in conversion rate for late down.
  • 8% loss rate.
  • The standard down rate for the top ten.
  • Most picks per game are in the top 50.

This team has to perform a few actions in order for it to happen.

Last year, there was too much unpredictability on both sides of the ball. Given the team’s youth and the number of moves, it makes sense. In Year 1, you are only capable of so much.

Under Kelly, the standards have increased in Year 2. That is the reality of being an LSU coach. We’ll look at five statistical benchmarks LSU has to reach this fall in order to achieve the required degree of success.

These particular areas, from explosive plays to increasing defensive pressure, can help LSU win games. 20% passing completion rate

Last year, LSU had trouble moving the ball down the field. The Tigers’ explosive pass rate placed them at 91st overall. Every club that participated in the playoffs had an explosive pass rate in the top 40.

In the late-down conversion rate, the top 15

We’ll utilize the late-down conversion rate in place of the third-down conversion rate. The percentage of third and fourth downs that result in first downs is this. leading ten in normal down rate.

The proportion of offensive plays that occur on standard downs as opposed to obvious passing downs is known as the standard down rate.

50th in terms of interceptions per game.

LSU just ranked 90th in takeaways per game and 93rd in interceptions per game.

Increasing the number of turnovers is one way this defense can improve. LSU has to rank higher than 93rd in interceptions despite the fact that turnovers may be unpredictable and often depend on chance.

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