Detroit Lions sign former Notre Dame receiver Avery Davis

Avery Davis had not played in a severe football game since the beginning of the 2021 campaign when the season began.

As a result of the two ACL injuries he suffered during the 2020 and 2021 seasons, he was forced to sit out the whole 2022 campaign. This opens the door for him to try out for a team in the National Football League.

The Detroit Lions made the news public that they had acquired Davis before their practice on Saturday. Now that he has the chance to do so, he can fight for one of the last two receiving spots on the team’s depth chart.

Between 2018 and 2021, Davis has 66 receptions, 862 receiving yards, and eight touchdowns. During the first year of his collegiate career, he played running back but later switched to playing receiver.

If the Lions, for some inexplicable reason, decide to put him in the backfield, he will have 34 carries for 156 yards, but he will not score any touchdowns.

Given the length of time, since Davis was last seen competing in a game, it will be fascinating to see whether he can make it through the preseason. This approach to education is severe. But he’ll only know once he gives it a go first.

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