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Evolution of Every NFL Team’s EVERY Stadium | NFL Explained : As you go through time to see the arenas where your favorite clubs play their home games, we want to ensure you know that we did not include any international matches in this video.

In addition, the “chips” and maps we have for the stadiums are designed to drive the story.

The “chips” are markers and are not necessarily meant to be exact reproductions of actual stadiums; the maps are intended to offer a “generic” view of where the stadiums are located; the maps are also designed to provide a “generic” picture of where the stadiums are located.

And as a kindness to us, please share your most memorable moments and anecdotes from each stadium you have attended in the comments section.

While we’re on the subject, why don’t you run through your top five stadiums for everyone to enjoy?

First and foremost, make it a point to savor the experience of delving into the intriguing history of each stadium where an NFL team has competed throughout the years.

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  1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 1:19 Bears
  3. 4:04 Cardinals
  4. 8:21 Packers
  5. 11:54 Giants
  6. 15:45 Lions
  7. 18:19 Washington
  8. 20:51 Eagles
  9. 25:07 Steelers
  10. 28:02 Rams
  11. 32:20 Browns
  12. 35:10 49ers
  13. 38:02 Colts
  14. 41:18 Cowboys
  15. 44:28 Bills
  16. 46:23 Broncos
  17. 48:40 Chiefs
  18. 51:45 Chargers
  19. 53:53 Raiders
  20. 57:12 Jets
  21. 59:44 Patriots
  22. 1:02:33 Titans
  23. 1:06:20 Vikings
  24. 1:10:11 Falcons
  25. 1:13:22 Dolphins
  26. 1:15:46 Saints
  27. 1:18:35 Bengals
  28. 1:22:05 Seahawks
  29. 1:25:16 Buccaneers
  30. 1:27:32 Ravens
  31. 1:28:55 Jaguars
  32. 1:30:35 Panthers
  33. 1:31:59 Texans

Which NFL team has the oldest stadium?

the Chicago Bears
1924: Soldier Field – Home of the Chicago Bears

After being transformed into a full-time football stadium with the arrival of the Chicago Bears in 1971, which included rearranging the seating and refurbishing the field, the venue is the oldest facility in the National Football League (NFL).

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