Top 8 Female Wrestling Bodyguards Ranked From Worst To Best

Top 8 Female Wrestling Bodyguards Ranked From Best To Worst : In the high-stakes world of professional wrestling, where mayhem and rivalries are often front and center, the presence of a trustworthy bodyguard can be a decisive factor in the outcome of matches.

These unsung warriors offer vital security for their renowned customers, ensuring their clients are secure both inside and outside of the ring. The job of a bodyguard is a challenging one to do. It takes fortitude, bravery, and loyalty, not to mention devotion.

It also requires placing oneself in dangerous situations to protect another person. The safety of their employers’ clients is one of the primary responsibilities of bodyguards. Both WWE and AEW have shown a select number of powerful women in the position of bodyguards in their respective promotions. Although some of them were excellent, not all of them were up to the same standard.

When it comes to female wrestling, there have been a lot of bodyguards who have stood out for their extraordinary talents and capabilities. These women have repeatedly shown that they are more than muscle, demonstrating their prowess in the ring as ferocious combatants and clever strategists.

It is common for these bodyguards to be scary, strong, and devoted; nevertheless, not all are as effective or remembered as the others. What are the ladies that have served as bodyguards for some of the most recognizable figures in the history of wrestling? Who exactly are the people who could not live up to the expectations placed on them? find out!


Asya was a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler who was a bodyguard for the World Championship Wrestling team known as “The Revolution.” She was presented as an adversary to Chyna, who was allied with Triple H and D-Generation X at the time of her introduction. Asya’s imposing appearance in the ring was mainly because she had a history of competing in bodybuilding competitions.

On the other hand, Asya’s career as a bodyguard did not enjoy the same level of success as some of her contemporaries. Her lack of prior expertise in the world of professional wrestling was one of the reasons behind this.

It was difficult for Asya to adequately defend her clients and impose her authority over opponents since her in-ring talents were less sophisticated than those of other female wrestling bodyguards. Additionally, her character needed the depth and growth found in other industry figures, making it difficult for fans to connect with her and get concerned about her narratives. This was a problem since other industry figures had depth and development.

Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass was a bodybuilder and wrestler who competed briefly in WWE in the late 1990s. During that time, she had a short run with the company. The fact that she was 6 feet 2 inches tall and had a robust build made her an ideal candidate for the bodyguard position.

Her first job in WWE was as a bodyguard for Sable in 1999 when she first appeared. Sable could defend her title as Women’s Champion against Tori with the assistance of Nicole, an intense and scary lady.

Despite this, Bass was terminated from his position with WWE after just a few short months. Bass destroyed her reputation and made her untrustworthy by lying and suing the company where she had previously worked. She was only used as a spectacle due to her body, and she never performed anything in WWE that would be considered remarkable or memorable.

Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter of AEW wrestled in WWE for a while, but he was never a bodyguard there. When she signed with AEW in 2019, she immediately became Britt Baker’s enforcer and helped her win and defend the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Toni Storm was defeated by Jamie Hayter in 2022, and she subsequently won the temporary AEW Women’s World Championship. Toni Storm, on the other hand, was successful in reclaiming her position in the historic showdown that took place at Double or Nothing in May 2023. She defeated Jamie Hayter.

Hayter is an aggressive and assertive wrestler who dominates her opponents using blows and power techniques. She is also very loyal to Baker and protective of her, often interfering in her fights and physically attacking her opponents.


The tenacity and agility that Jazz had earned her acclaim throughout her time as a star in WWE, ECW, and Impact Wrestling. Jazz was not a bodyguard in the traditional sense; instead, she often teamed up with male wrestlers like Rodney Mack and Stevie Richards and sometimes interfered in their battles.

During Impact Wrestling, she was involved in a famous feud with Awesome Kong, with both competitors engaged in intense bouts. Jazz was an unstoppable force in the women’s category; on two occasions, Jazz prevailed against Trish to win the Women’s Title. In addition, she competed against Jason in the first women’s main event match in the history of ECW in 1999. Jazz was an unyielding and ferocious adversary who never shied away from a battle.

Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel Gonzalez won the NXT Women’s Championship in the past, and she also served as Dakota Kai’s heel bodyguard. Kai secured many wins with the assistance of Gonzalez, including triumphs against opponents such as Tegan Nox, Rhea Ripley, and others. On the other hand, Gonzalez eventually betrayed Kai and beat her to win the NXT Women’s Championship for herself.

Gonzalez is a former college basketball player, in addition to being a wrestler, following in the footsteps of her wrestler father, Rick Gonzalez. Gonzalez is also a member of the second generation of the Gonzalez wrestling family. She was an incredible wrestler, and she could effortlessly dominate her opponents because of her height.

Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong was one of the most formidable female wrestlers of her time, and she competed in both WWE and Impact Wrestling at various points in her career. She was one of the most prominent ladies who had ever set foot inside the squared circle, as shown by her towering height of six feet and intimidating weight of 273 pounds. Her menacing stature was enough on its own to frighten the majority of her adversaries.

Awesome Kong and Gail Kim engaged in one of the most memorable and compelling rivalries in professional wrestling during their time together in IMPACT Wrestling. Together, they ushered in a new era of excellence for women’s wrestling in the promotion known as TNA. Using the ring name Kharma, Kong attempted to build a name for herself in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but her brief stint in the company was unsuccessful.

Late in 2019, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong collaborated to establish an alliance inside AEW called “The Nightmare Collective.” Within the narrative context, Brandi Rhodes played the role of the group leader, while Awesome Kong served as her enforcer. The Nightmare Collective was engaged in several feuds and plots throughout its brief existence, although the group itself did not last very long.

A handful of the horrific skills that Kong has, like the spinning back fist and the implant buster, help to establish her as a formidable opponent who must be taken seriously within the squared circle.


Tamina, a renowned bodyguard in the world of female professional wrestling, has wrestling in her blood as the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Tamina has wrestling in her blood since she is a notable bodyguard in the world of female professional wrestling.

Tamina has been a reliable bodyguard for several wrestlers, including AJ Lee and Lana, since she debuted on the WWE main roster in 2010. Tamina is a dangerous opponent in the ring because of her aggressive fighting style and commanding presence.

Tamina is well-regarded for their undying allegiance and her devoted service to her customers. She has shown that she is courageous and dedicated to her profession by placing herself in potentially dangerous situations to safeguard the people she is responsible for.

Tamina is a formidable opponent due to her characteristic attacks, including the Superfly Splash and the Samoan Drop, and her ability to scare her foes has proved invaluable in performing her defensive responsibilities.


In professional wrestling, Chyna was a true innovator who made an unmistakable impact on the business as one of the most legendary and critical female wrestlers in the sport’s history. She broke through barriers and established new standards for the place of women in wrestling while working as a bodyguard for WWE.

When Chyna first entered the wrestling industry, she was a member of the illustrious stable D-Generation X. There; she was tasked with the critical responsibility of acting as an enforcer and a bodyguard for Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Chyna’s towering height of 5 feet 10 inches and remarkable body of 200 pounds, combined with her extraordinary power, made her the best possible guardian for her fellow wrestlers.

Her historic achievements include becoming the first woman to qualify for the King of the Ring Tournament and the first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship. She was also the first female to qualify for the King of the Ring Tournament.

Both as a renowned wrestler who created history and a superb bodyguard who vigorously defended her clients, Chyna will go down in wrestling lore as a figure of distinction.

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