Have other NFL players been diagnosed with cancer?

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Have other NFL players been diagnosed with cancer?

Foster Moreau, a free agent tight end, was identified with Hodgkin cancer in March while getting a physical during a visit with the New Orleans Saints. The Deseret News revealed this.

Moreau sat down with “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan two weeks ago to discuss his health.

“It’s at Stage 2, which means it has moved from where it started,” he said. “But it looks like it’s spreading slowly, so we should be able to get rid of it all.”

The tight end said getting his diagnosis and treatment was like getting ready for a game.

He said, “There’s no other way to look at it, right?” “So I’m getting ready for my rival, right?

With Hodgkin’s cancer and chemo, I’m getting ready to be hooked up to an IV for six, seven, or eight hours. No matter what, right?

Because, well, there’s nothing else to do. There is no other way.”

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