Justin Fields ranked in NFL Top 100 by peers

It is one thing to be highly liked by your coaches, but it frequently matters more to players when their teammates give them the thumbs up.

Each year, the players are asked to assess their colleagues on NFL.com, which then compiles the results into a list called the “NFL Top 100.”

There are often a great number of Ohio State Buckeyes athletes on the list of names. Even yet, Justin Fields, a quarterback who once played for Ohio State and is now with the Chicago Bears, has never been rated by other NFL players until this year. Fields is now the starter for the Bears. On the list, Fields was assigned the 86th spot to fill.

It is the first time that a quarterback from the city of Chicago has made it into the list of the top 100 players in the NFL, and it is all because of what Fields showed off with his legs towards the end of the previous season.

Many people believe that he will have a breakout season comparable to that of a superstar and that it will build on what we have all seen in the second half of the 2022–2023 season.

We cannot wait to see whether Fields can live up to the preseason buzz around him. When the NFL Top 100 rankings are refreshed, we will maintain a record of any more former Ohio State Buckeyes players.

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