Here are all the unique details of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII ring

Here are all the unique details of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII ring: The Super Bowl LVII championship rings owned by the Kansas City Chiefs have been shown to the public for the first time.

Jostens, the business that developed the ring, has designed more Super Bowl rings than any other company, with over 35 total designs. This exact ring is the only one of its kind and has several elements that pay tribute to the long history of the squad as well as their most recent season in which they won the title.

“Jostens is proud to be once again trusted by the Kansas City Chiefs to celebrate another historic milestone for their franchise,” said Chris Poitras, SVP & GM of Jostens Professional Sports Division, in a news release.

“It is an honor to continue to grow the partnership between our organizations,” Poitras said. “The Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Ring showcases outstanding artistry and has intricate elements that were carefully considered. This ring highlights their one-of-a-kind championship journey and honors the team’s third triumph in the Super Bowl.

A closer look at each one of the Super Bowl LVII ring’s distinctive attributes is provided below, along with information gleaned from the press release sent by Jostens:

1 . “Crafted in brilliant 10-karat white and yellow gold, the ring top prominently features the Chiefs logo created from 16 genuine custom-cut rubies set in yellow gold.” 2.

These rubies indicate the number of overall division championships the club had won throughout its history, going back to 1962, when the team was still known as the Dallas Texans and the franchise’s first title was awarded.

The Texans and Chiefs have three AFL West championships and thirteen AFC West championships, including seven straight AFC West championships from 2016 to 2022.

Diamonds are embedded into the emblem’s arrowhead element to represent that this year marks the 50th anniversary of GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, first opening its doors to the public. The logo’s background shows the Lombardi Trophies, adorned with a marquise diamond at the top.

Sixteen different Chiefs players scored touchdowns throughout the 2022 regular season, represented by the total number of baguette diamonds in the base of the trophies, which add up to 16.

The rubies have been carved into 19 shapes to form a red background, surrounded by 38 diamonds. The diamonds surrounding it are meant to reflect the 38 points the Kansas City Chiefs scored against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

2 . The phrase “The Chief’s title of WORLD CHAMPIONS” is highlighted on the ring top’s left and right sides. The letters are formed by contrasting yellow gold and 122 diamonds placed in place. The crown of the ring is embellished with an extra 130 diamonds.

Yellow gold is used to place a row of 54 diamonds around the top of the ring to represent the total 54-point deficits that the Chiefs overcame in their previous two Super Bowl playoff campaigns.

These diamonds are put in a row around the top of the ring. Even though the Chiefs were down by 10 points or more on four separate occasions and by 24 points on one occasion, the Chiefs would win the World Championship twice in four seasons.

3 . The player’s name is engraved in yellow gold and in the official typeface used by the Chiefs on the ring’s left side. Their name is separated from the bottom panel area containing the diamonds by a row of thirteen diamonds.

In the backdrop of this piece is the recognizable GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, rendered in great detail in contrasting yellow gold. Their jersey number is set with diamonds in white gold, and the piece is finished in yellow gold.

In addition, the year dates of the Chiefs’ three championships are displayed on flags around the stadium, and the date of Super Bowl LVII is shown on the scoreboard.

4 . “On the right side of the ring is a tribute to the loyal fanbase, CHIEFS KINGDOM. This tribute was created in stunning yellow gold.” The panel is divided into two halves by a row of ten diamonds, representing the Chiefs’ ongoing run of ten straight winning seasons. This astounding accomplishment is the longest active span in NFL history.

The Chiefs adopted a mentality in which they expected contributions from every member of the team, a strategy that helped them win the Super Bowl. White gold is used to bring the Super Bowl LVII emblem to life, and it has a marquise-shaped diamond as its only embellishment.

The final score of Super Bowl LVII and the participating teams’ abbreviations may be seen below the logo. The right side is finished with a unique touch: the backdrop, which is behind the logo, is filled with confetti in the form of individual Lombardi Trophies.

5 . “184 diamonds cascade down the edges of the ring from the top of the ring, forming a border around the side panels.” The initials of the Kansas City Chiefs founder, Lamar Hunt, are featured on a yellow and gold football taken from the Chiefs’ AFL jersey patch and placed on the palm side of the football in honor of Hunt.

As a memento of the season in which they won the title, the word “EDGE,” which was Coach Reid’s slogan, has been etched in bright red on the inner of the championship ring. Above the list of results and team initials from the 2022 playoffs is the recipient’s one-of-a-kind signature, which can be seen below.

6 . “The next part of the story begins when the ring top is taken off.” The form of the top of the ring was inspired by GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, which was inaugurated in 2022 and is now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The inside of the primary portion of the ring has a tiny representation of the stadium made out of yellow gold. It has a full-color field set with Lombardi Trophies in the center, and the number of Trophies ranges from one to three depending on how long the company employed the recipient.

The inscription “ARROWHEAD STADIUM IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH” can be seen around Arrowhead Stadium. It was written by the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt.

7 . “The backside of the ring top pendant piece displays the championship year-dates the recipient has spent with the Chiefs organization as well as the 50th anniversary logo and an image of the Lombardi Trophy.” [Case in point] “The backside of the ring top pendant piece displays the championship year-dates the recipient has spent with the Chiefs organization.” The bail is embellished with a total of eight diamonds.

“To take their ring to the next level, the ring top can be completely removed and converted into a pendant via a hidden bail that folds in seamlessly into the ring top,” says the product description.

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