LSU football will be a lot faster in 2023

Brian Kelly claims that LSU has recorded nine athletes moving at speeds of 20 or more miles per hour this spring. Nine times as many as the Tigers had the previous season, when just one player achieved that feat.

“I believe we have thoroughly examined all of our data, and it is evident that our football squad is larger, quicker,and stronger.” Kelly told Brody Miller about it, and Miller checked into it for The Athletic.

Miller describes the steps used to achieve that improvement in a column for The Athletic.

It’s not only about what occurs in the weight room and on the practise pitch; it’s also about how Kelly’s players conduct themselves in the heat of the moment , and how that contributes to their performance on the pitch.

According to LSU, improving athletic performance and doing the little things correctly are directly related.

LSU employs this cutting-edge data collection to more accurately identify player performance concerns as they develop. Jake Flint, LSU’s director of athletic development, works closely with Kelly on projects. Before joining Kelly at LSU, Flint worked with Kelly’s staff for 12 years at Notre Dame.

Like any coach does when starting a new position, Kelly spoke about creating a culture. Often, it’s only a trendy term with no real significance. LSU seems to have discovered a means to monitor “culture” via statistics, and the Tigers might benefit greatly from it come fall.

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