Social Media ignites over a picture of Nick Saban smiling

It is common knowledge that Nick Saban is among the most intimidating figures in all collegiate athletics.

The famed coach is well-known for his severe attitude, shouting at players and other coaches, and throwing headsets.

He also has a reputation for being a headset thrower. Twitter, once known as X, is now on fire because of a recent photograph of Saban smiling.

Commenters and readers of “Smiling Saban,” hailing from different corners of the United States, discussed their thoughts and feelings towards the college football coach.

Many individuals had the opinion that it was risky. If Nick Saban is satisfied, then Alabama must perform at the championship-caliber level customary for the Crimson Tide to provide.

The photograph, which was first shared with X by Nick Kelly of the Tuscaloosa News at the first news conference of fall practice, was met with many hysterical replies from readers.

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