Some Xfinity subscribers to lose Peacock before Notre Dame-CMU game

If you have Xfinity as your cable provider, it may be more challenging to see Notre Dame’s game against Central Michigan on September 16. You probably should have given it more attention when it was disclosed that this particular item would be available on Peacock and nowhere else when that information was made public.

However, considering that it was recently disclosed that, effective June 26, some Xfinity users will no longer have free access to Peacock’s beginning plan, you may want to rethink making that decision. Access to this service is assured for two years for customers of Xfinity who already have gigabit internet service.

The fact that viewers now have to jump through even more hoops to see this game is unquestionably an annoying trend. Although this information was made public for the first time in February, relatively few people paid attention to it.

Now that the game is three months away, it has become more apparent. Streaming services currently have substantial influence and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is frustrating, given that paying even a little charge to watch the Irish is required.

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