Three Penn State players make On3’s NIL Top 100

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NIL, which stands for “Name, Image, and Likeness,” is the biggest thing that is taking college sports by storm. Before the NIL was put into place across all amateur sports, college athletes could not get paid.

Now that there is NIL, athletes can make money while they are still in school. What NIL does for an athlete, how the school is involved, and how it affects specific sports programs are complicated, but the main thing it has done is force athletic departments to be more forward-thinking.

Every athletic department has done something different to deal with the new rules. Some people were ready and knew what they wanted to do right away, while others are still getting used to it.

From what I can tell, Penn State seems to follow the second of these two philosophies. It’s clear that the athletic department and boosters are putting a lot of work into getting ready for the NIL.

In spite of all of this, three Penn State football players made it onto On3’s NIL Top 100 list. Nick Singleton is a sophomore running back, Chop Robinson is a junior edge rusher, and Olu Fashanu is a redshirt junior offensive tackle.

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