10 longest winning streaks in college football history

College football is remembered by who wins the most games and wins the National Championship. But what teams have the longest winning streaks in college football history?

Just to make things clear: we are going from 1900 as the cutoff date so we are not going to include teams like the 1894-1896 University of Pennsylvania and their 34-game winning streak.

We had to cut it off at some point and that felt like an impactful time to encompass so much history.

Here are the 10 longest winning streaks in college football: #10. Alabama, 28 (1978-1980)

#9. Oklahoma, 28 (1973-1975) #8. Miami, FL, 29 (1990-1993)

#7. Florida State, 29 (2012-2014) #6. Texas, 30 (1968-1971)

#5. USC, 34 (2003-2006) #4. Miami FL, 34 (2000-2003)

#3. Toledo, 35 (1969-1971) #2. Oklahoma, 47 (1953-1957)

#1. Washington, 59 (1908-1915) It is going to be extremely difficult to see a program challenge this record with the amount of talent around the world. 

The Washington Football Team (no, not that one) did not lose in eight full seasons. Surprisingly, throughout this streak, they never were considered a major college football team.

Will there be a team going on this list in the upcoming few years? The Georgia Bulldogs are closest as they enter the 2023 season on a 17-game winning streak so they are the most likely at present.


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