10 reasons Michigan football will win the 2022 national championship

Before the 2022 season, pundits expected Michigan football to take a massive step back, not just in the overall college football landscape, but even within the scope of the Big Ten.

2021 was seen as a feel-good story, but just a one-off.

However, the Wolverines proved that last season was no fluke, as the maize and blue ran the table, beat Ohio State on the road in Columbus,

won the conference again, and are the 2-seed in the impending College Football Playoff.

At the moment, the Wolverines are expected to beat TCU in the semifinal and face either Georgia or Ohio State (again) in the national championship game.

Of course, it’s no sure thing that Michigan does get past the Horned Frogs to advance,

but here are the 10 reasons why we think it will, and why the maize and blue stand a good chance to win the whole shebang this year.

1. J.J. McCarthy J.J. McCarthy entered 2022 with all the promise in the world as a former five-star. 

2. Donovan Edwards

3. Overall offensive versatility

4. Players are peaking at the right time

5. Team has seen what it takes firsthand

6. Michigan has played Georgia (or Ohio State) before

7. Defensive second-half adjustments

8. Easier track this year than in previous

9. Overall line play

10. The team is confident, not just happy to there

We covered this already, but it’s worth mentioning on its own: Michigan hasn’t achieved its goals this year as it had at this time last year.

Winning a national championship is the goal, not just beating Ohio State and winning the Big Ten.

That means that the climb is not done. Baby steps have been taken, and now it’s time for those steps to amount to another trophy.

Weirdly, despite several blowout wins and most games not being close, we still haven’t really seen Michigan put a full, complete game together.

That says something, because even though the win in Columbus was dominant in the end, we haven’t seen the Wolverines play up to potential — a scary thought for any of the teams still on the schedule.

There is ‘no flinching’ by this team, and there are higher expectations this year compared to last.

There is no fear playing against the nation’s best, because they believe they are the nation’s best.

Perhaps the only time we’ve seen a Michigan team with that type of swagger of late has been 2016, and it probably hasn’t been at his level since 1997.

It’s been 25 years since the last national championship in Ann Arbor. It’s time for another.

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