2023 NFL schedule: Lions to visit Chiefs on opening night, Aaron Rodgers' Jets debut on MNF vs. Bills

The defending Super Bowl champions will host the upstart Detroit Lions in the first game of the 2023 NFL season.

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Lions in Week 1 on a Thursday night edition of Sunday Night Football on Sept. 7, NBC announced.

The Chiefs will also host the Las Vegas Raiders for a Christmas Day game on Nickelodeon and CBS at 1 p.m. ET.

It’ll be the second regular-season game on Nickelodeon after last year’s Christmas game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Denver Broncos.

The Rams won that game in a blowout over the Broncos that cost Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett his job.

If you watched that game on Nickelodeon a season ago or any of the NFL postseason games that were simulcast on Nick,

you’ll know that the Nickelodeon broadcasts are not your traditional NFL viewing experience.

There’s lots of virtual slime and hijinks. Russell Wilson even got roasted by Patrick from Spongebob after throwing an interception last year.

The Christmas Day game is the third Chiefs game announced before the schedule release.

Kansas City is playing the Miami Dolphins on Nov. 5 in Frankfurt, Germany, and is hosting the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s Eve.

The Chiefs will also host the Thursday night season opener as the defending Super Bowl champions.

Not long after the Christmas Day game was announced, the NFL and the New York Jets said that Aaron Rodgers' first game with the Jets would come on Monday Night Football.

The Jets will play at home against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1.

The NFL is releasing specific games ahead of Thursday night’s planned release of the entire schedule.

The Nickelodeon game announcement came a day after the five international games were announced as well as the Eagles’ Week 13 game against the 49ers.

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