3 Observations on Evan Engram's Contract Extension With the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars checked off one of their biggest goals of the offseason on Sunday, signing tight end Evan Engram to a three-year $41.25 million deal with $24 million in guarantees.

With Engram now locked into the roster for the foreseeable future, what do we make of the deal? We break it down with our three thoughts next.

1. Engram's bet on himself worked out for both sides: Engram took a big leap last March, turning down a multi-year contract with the Jaguars in favor of a one-year deal.

Engram was confident in his abilities and knew that he was a better player than his New York Giants tenure indicated, and he was right.

For Engram, the year in Jacksonville ensured that he would have the ability to command a larger market in 2023 and beyond than he did in his first tenure as.

For the Jaguars, it meant the ability to find a long-term answer at tight end. But ultimately, the Engram deal goes beyond that.

For the Jaguars' locker room, it shows that the Jaguars are an organization willing to reward their hardest workers and most productive players.

For the Jaguars, Engram's willingness to return to Jacksonville on a long-term basis and his genuine desire to be a part of the organization shows how far they have come.

And for Engram, he is an example of beating one's past, with his prove-it year helping him shed any "bust" label that followed him from New York.

2. Engram still finds a win in negotiations despite the Jaguars' leverage

3. This is the best-case scenario for Brenton Strange


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