5 Stars: The best and worst of Ohio State crushing loss to Georgia

This is going to be a long 8 plus months until Ohio State gets back on the football field to get rid of this bitter taste in our mouths.

Georgia mounted the biggest comeback in College Football Playoff history,

winning the Chick-fil-A Fiesta Bowl 42-41.

It was a crushing blow for a team that was told for a month that they back-doored their way in and didn’t deserve to be there.

There were some good things (5-stars) and bad (1-star) during tonights tough loss for to Buckeyes, find out what below.

5  - C.J. Stroud https://twitter.com/Elite11/status/1609383839285248006?s=20&t=yYdBev9tfrDIFiPteAGp0w

4  - Ryan Day’s aggressiveness https://twitter.com/BuckeyesWire/status/1609383324455211009?s=20&t=Cp5DuzyXWlc8kCqmY7Vuzg

3- Ryan Day’s play calling 2  - The fourth quarter offense 1 - The defense


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