5 young players who could impact the Sugar Bowl for Alabama

Alabama’s Allstate Sugar Bowl matchup with Kansas State is still a little over three weeks away but there are still several interesting notes to dissect when looking at the contest.

The mass exodus that Alabama has had via the transfer portal has opened up several opportunities for younger players to make an impact for the Crimson Tide when New Year’s Eve arrives.

But the portal is not the only thing we should be thinking about.

 It is more likely than not that Alabama will experience at least a few opt-outs from some of its upperclassmen who are expected to be high draft picks come April 2023.

Team leaders such as Bryce Young and Will Anderson are expected to skip out on New Orleans and begin preparing to become most likely top-five picks.

There is also a chance that they are not the only two.

we are merely working off hypothetical scenarios since none of the starters have yet to make an announcement of their intentions for the Sugar Bowl.

I am also going to do my best to include players that have not really made that much of an impact to this point.


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