Everything Nick Saban said after Alabama's devastating loss to Tennessee

Alabama came up short in Saturday’s matchup against the Tennessee Volunteers.

The game was high-scoring and full of a bunch of big plays throughout the course of the game.

The Crimson Tide battled until the end but dropped their first game of the season to the Volunteers.

There were a lot of thoughts on Alabama’s decision to throw the ball three times before setting up a potential go-ahead kick for Will Reichard.

Ultimately, the Tide had to settle for a field goal which ended in a miss.

The Volunteers would capitalize and knock down a game-winning field goal from 40 yards out.

Roll Tide Wire will now take a look at what Alabama’s Nick Saban had to say during his postgame interview with the media.

Nick Saban's opening thoughts: “You gotta give them a lot of credit,” Saban said. “They did a great job with their offense based on what we were trying to do on defense.  But we didn’t execute well enough.

Nick Saban's opening thoughts: You gotta give our players a lot of credit for fighting back, getting back in the game … and having an opportunity to win at the end. I wish we could do some things a little different in the end.”

On thoughts of Bryce Young's performance: “I thought Bryce played really well in the game… made a lot of plays offensively.”

On what was said in the locker room after the game: “The big thing our players need to do is learn from this experience, have more respect for playing with discipline,” he said..”… 

On what was said in the locker room after the game: But I also told the players that we can accomplish every goal that we had at the beginning of the season.”

On defense at the end of the game: “We played way too soft at the end to let them go down the field 50 yards and get in field goal range.”

On strategy to throw before kicking the field goal: “No, we were trying to move it closer. We thought that they were blitzing,” he said “I thought we could’ve made some plays in the passing game. 

On strategy to throw before kicking the field goal: You know they were blitzing and we were in empty. We got to throw the ball hot. We didn’t do it exactly right.”

On achieving consistency as a team in the future: “Well, I think that you can’t have consistency unless you have discipline and execution and I mentioned that earlier. 

So, it’s not just penalties. It’s that I block the right guy. Did I do it the right way? Did I cover the right guy? Did I cover him the right way? 

Did I rush the passer the right way?

Did we stop the run, stay in my gap… all those things are little things,” he said “… all those things are little things. You have to pay attention to detail, so that you play well as a unit.”


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