Everything Nick Saban said after Alabama's victory in Week 8 over Mississippi State

Alabama head coach Nick Saban made sure his team played with less anxiety in its Week 8 matchup against Mississippi State.

It showed on Saturday night as the Crimson Tide cruised to a 30-6 victory over the Bulldogs.

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young didn’t seem limited in any capacities after suffering a shoulder injury three weeks ago against Arkansas.

He played well and was very effective in the passing department. He completed 21 of the 35 passes he threw for 249 yards and two touchdowns.

On the other hand, Alabama’s defense made quite the statement after allowing 52 points to Tennessee last weekend.

Pete Golding and the rest of the staff emphasized the need to get back on track in Saturday’s game.

That is exactly what happened. Several players stepped up in the wake of injuries along the defensive line while others performed well at the second level of the defense.

Roll Tide Wire looks at what Saban had to say following the Crimson Tide’s Week 8 victory over the Bulldogs.

On how Alabama's dime package containing the run “They got six points. We just did some things different after we got started and saw that they were running the ball. We stopped the run pretty well after that. I’m pleased with the way that we played on defense. 

On how Alabama's dime package containing the run A team gets six points and we’re going to complain about the way they stopped the run? We’re trying to stop the pass, so I thought we did that pretty well until the last drive. 

On how Alabama's dime package containing the run We had two fourth downs and could’ve got off the field but didn’t get off the field. We got a penalty in the end zone … another penalty in the end zone. 

On how Alabama's dime package containing the run They gave up six points, so I think that’s pretty good. I’d let a team run the ball all day long if they only get six points. Would you be alright with that?”

On Eli Ricks' progress and performance “I thought he did a good job. He gave up one throw. You know when you’re playing five-under man, you are suppose to be underneath the guy. The guy shouldn’t be able to catch a comeback on you … caught one on him (Ricks). 

On Eli Ricks' progress and performance He caught one on Kool-Aid on fourth-and-10. I thought he played well. He did a good job. He prepared well all week, and I thought he played pretty well in the game.”

On intensity at the end of the game “I think the guys have a lot of pride in what they do. The whole emphasis is playing 60 minutes and don’t look at the scoreboard. Quit worrying about outcomes and play one play at a time. 

On intensity at the end of the game Keep playing in the game, and I thought they tried to do that. I just thought we had some opportunities to make plays in that drive and we didn’t. They took advantage of it.”

On decision to play Jermaine Burton “Look, I don’t know how many of you have ever been in a situation like that, but I talked to him. He was scared. I was scared. All of our other players were scared. I think you learn to respect other people, because we have the responsibility to do that regardless of the circumstance that we’re in. 

On decision to play Jermaine Burton I talk to the guy. … We have a counseling program. It’s not an anger management program as people announced today. Nobody ever said that. That’s not the problem. That’s not the issue.

On decision to play Jermaine Burton It’s about having the proper respect for other people. I didn’t think it was necessary to suspend the guy (Burton).”

On seeing fewer penalties called against Alabama “It’s been something that we’ve been emphasizing all year long. Finally, today, we had a little bit better discipline.

I also think that we had better disposition about energy and enthusiasm and not playing with anxiety.

Sometimes when you play with bad anxiety … you make bad decisions.”


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