Jaylen Waddle details what attribute makes Tua Tagovailoa great

From Tuscaloosa to Miami, the Tua Tagovailoa-Jaylen Waddle connection is something special.

In a recent interview, Waddle was asked what sets his quarterback apart from others across the league. In a short and concise answer, Waddle explained it to KPRC 2 Sports’ Ari Alexander.

His ball placement, said Waddle. I think everybody sees it, knowing exactly where to put the ball where his receivers can not just catch it, but catch it and run with it. So that’s what makes Tua Tua.

Last season, Miami traded for one of the most electric wide receivers in the game, Tyreek Hill.

After playing with legendary Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, Hill made a controversial statement, which made headlines.

he said that Tagovailoa was the most accurate quarterback in the league. Well, Waddle just corroborated that answer with one of his own.

In 2022, Tagovailoa had his best season yet as a professional.

However, the narrative regarding Tagovailoa shifted from one of inability to one of unavailability after he suffered numerous concussions

and missed a handful of games, including the team’s wildcard matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

The 2023 season will be an important one for Tagovailoa.

He not only looks to, once again, prove that he can be an effective passer, but that he is capable of stying healthy for a full season.

Roll Tide Wire will continue to follow Waddle, Tagovailoa and other former Alabama players now in the NFL as the offseason progresses.


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