Kirby Smart offers tremendous praise of Nick Saban

Kirby Smart worked for Nick Saban for more than 10 seasons at various spots and now has become one of the most successful head coaches in college football at the University of Georgia. 

After delivering back-to-back national championships for the Bulldogs, some believe that Smart has surpassed Saban as the premier coach in the sport.

Coach Smart joined The Paul Finebaum Show and offered immense praise for coach Saban and his impact on the game of college football.

“Nick’s been tremendous for our sport when you think about nobody has moved the college football game more than he has,” Smart said.

“He has done a tremendous job at changing the game. 

The SEC is the premier place, primarily because he started bringing national championships there when he was at LSU. 

So he’s done a lot for this game.”

It’s very clear that coach Smart has great admiration for coach Saban and likely views him as not only a mentor but a friend.

The Alabama-Georgia rivalry may be heated between the fan bases, 

but the two head coaches share nothing but respect and appreciation.


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