OPINION: David Pollack's comments on Alabama are a perfect example of faulty analysis

David Pollack was one of the best defenders in SEC history.

The former Georgia Bulldog became a first-round NFL draft pick back in 2005, but unfortunately had his NFL career cut short due to an injury to his vertebrae.

Pollack has since made his living working for ESPN as a college football analyst and a good one at that I might add.

While appearing on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption”, Pollack made some interesting comments about the current,

and future state of the Alabama football program under head coach Nick Saban.

Here is a video of his comments on the Crimson Tide via Twitter: https://twitter.com/FTBeard7/status/1583580138964275200?s=20&t=ZFg57nPObB43SGlqu05j_w

Now, there are a lot of truths spoken in this 52-second clip, but a chunk of it is a perfect example of a lazy,

and knee-jerk analysis that tends to happen when Alabama drops a game.

Pollack makes the statement that “The days when Alabama used to kill everybody and used to be better than everybody, those days are over, those days are gone.

I think we’re gonna get more accustomed to Alabama losing a game every single year.”

Obviously, I am not calling David Pollack lazy, he is one of the best college football analysts out there, but this statement is lazy and unfactual.

It is a prime example that people generally have a false representation of the actual facts from previous seasons.

Alabama has rarely gone undefeated under coach Saban.

In fact, just two of Alabama’s six national championships under coach Saban were accomplished with undefeated seasons.

The fact is, Alabama fans are already accustomed to the Tide dropping a game during the season because it happens nearly every season.

Look, has Alabama lost some of its dominance over the rest of the country, you could probably make that argument.

But I would make the argument that Alabama hasn’t lost anything, the other teams are just catching up.

The national media wants so bad for Alabama’s reign of dominance to be over that they will say anything in hopes of it becoming true.

How many times has someone nationally said that Saban’s dynasty at Alabama is over?

Eventually, they will be right I suppose, but let’s use facts with our opinions, not hopes and dreams.


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