OPINION: Nick Saban said more on one particular subject than you may have realized

Each Monday during the football season, Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed the media as he and his football team prepare for the next opponent.

So it was business as usual this Monday ahead of Alabama’s Week 10 matchup with SEC West rival LSU.

On Monda,y we provided you with everything coach Saban had to say leading up to the showdown with the Tigers,

but there is one tiny piece of material that we did not want to just slip by without dissecting further.

When asked about the inconsistency of the Alabama running game, coach Saban responded by saying, “Well, it obviously wasn’t very good in the last game.

It needs to improve and I think there’s a couple things.

We’ve got to have a little more diversity in what we’re doing as well as being able to execute it a little better on a more consistent basis.”

While his response is short and sweet, he provided some evidence that the Alabama coaching staff found that maybe the Tide has been a little too predictable on the offensive side of the ball.

Alabama fans and even members of the media have voiced their concern over the playing calling from Tide offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien.

And while player execution is a massive part of what makes an offense successful,

there have been plenty of times over the past couple of seasons that have left the armchair quarterbacks scratching their heads, myself included.

Coach Saban mentioned that the offense needed a “little more diversity”.

I believe there are a couple of layers to that.

Play design is certainly a part of that, but coach Saban could also be referring to diversity in player personnel as well.

Before the bye week, we saw Roydell Williams see an increase in his role with the Tide and now that Alabama has had a week off, you may see a couple of other different faces emerge.

Obviously, there is no way to tell for certain exactly what coach Saban meant by “more diversity”,

but he didn’t say it for no reason and it is certainly something Alabama fans should be keeping an eye on Saturday night in Baton Rouge.


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