Analyst gives honest thoughts on Nebraska coaching search

On Thursday afternoon, athletic director Trev Alberts announced that Nebraska would use the search firm Collegiate Sports Associates to hire their next football coach.

With the search for Scott Frost’s replacement reaching new heights, the list of names for the job continues to grow. Josh Pate,

the host of Late Kick on 247Sports, gave his thoughts on the state of the Husker coaching search and a list of possible candidates.

In addition, Pate gave an honest assessment of the Husker program.

“Nebraska can be a very solid program… you can have a program you can be proud of.

They can be a whole heck of a lot more than they are now.”

He went on to say that he believes Nebraska can be in the same class as Big Ten teams like Iowa or Wisconsin.

Pate also looked at several top coaching candidates and gave thoughts on who is or isn’t a legitimate candidate.

Matt Campbell - Iowa State “Out of the question for obvious reasons. Stay away from Matt Campbell

Luke Fickle - Cincinnati “Would be a huge get… if you could get him.”

Mark Stoops - Kentucky “No. He may have the best job in the country. He’s got an SEC salary, SEC support and he’s got reasonable expectations for his program.” 

Bill O'Brien - Alabama (Offensive Coordinator) “If that’s what you want?”

Gary Patterson - Texas (Assistant) “I would be thrilled if I were a Nebraska fan to get Garry Patterson. He has built it from the ground up. He has a track record.” 

Urban Meyer - FOX Analyst “Don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Lance Leipold - Kansas “Dynamite hire, if you can make it happen.”


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