The Resurrection of Ryan Mallett

As of last fall, it appeared the resurrection of Ryan Mallett was in full force.

Mallett, the former Arkansas quarterback who during his two seasons with the Razorbacks re-wrote the program’s passing record book,

began his first season as a high-school head football coach with a nail biting, come-from-behind win at Sheridan in late August of 2022.

Odds are, back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, that’s a statement and a job you would not have imagined being a possibility, never mind it becoming a reality.

Yet there he was. For a season, Mallett was the head man at White Hall High School just off I-530 in southeast Arkansas outside of Pine Bluff.

White Hall has been a stalwart on the football field most of the last decade-plus and even years before that.

The Bulldogs were winless in 2015, sure, but other than that has mostly cleaned up since 2011.

The school has just two losing seasons in that span. In 2021, they fell to Pulaski Academy in the Class 5A state title game,

which isn’t exactly something to sneeze at considering PA has won a championship every year but one since 2014.


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