Butch Jones discusses being in high-speed police chase

Second-year Arkansas State head coach Butch Jones was involved in a high-speed police chase while recruiting.

“Probably had the most unique experience I’ve ever had in my life,” Jones said.

“Not to bore anyone, but I was out recruiting in Arkansas on Friday and went to a couple of high school games.

I get done with the first game.

In my car, I’m getting ready to go to the next one.

“I was driving myself, and if you can picture a one lane side road to get out of the interstate,

 bounded by two cement barriers.

The next thing I know, I have a car that’s trying to run me off the road and smash me.

I look up and I’m in the middle of a high-speed police pursuit, chase,

however you want to do deem it.

About $15,000 worth of damage trying running me off the road,

escaped the police and they caught him down the road, so that was my bizarre story of the bye week.”

Jones served as Tennessee’s head coach from 2013-17,

compiling a 34-27 record and winning three bowl games.

Next are Tennessee’s results under Jones from 2013-17.

2013: 5-7

2014: 7-6

2015: 9-4

2016: 9-4

2017: 4-8 (4-6 under Butch Jones)


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