Avery Davis writes message to Notre Dame fan

No one wants to see something they love end abruptly for them.

Unfortunately for Notre Dame receiver Avery Davis,

that turned out to be the case when he tore his ACL in practice.

With this being his final season of eligibility,

Davis has played his final game for the Irish.

What a cruel finish to his career.

A lot of people apparently have reached out to Davis to offer sympathy and support.

With so many people in his corner,

Davis wrote a message to offer his appreciation:thank you for everybody who reached out,

I truly appreciate it 🖤  I will still be with the team this season to help however I can

It’s nice to know Davis still will be around the team,

but it absolutely has to be eating at him inside knowing he can’t be on the field with his teammates.

At least he’s making the best of a bad situation.

You always want to take a negative and turn it into a positive,

and this probably is the best way he can do that as it pertains to football.

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