What’s new in Battlefield 2042 season 4?

The fourth season of Battlefield 2042 — the season that will include the game’s final new Specialist — launches on Feb. 28,

and will include a new map, new weapons and gadgets, and new vault weapons pulled from Battlefield 3 for the game’s Battlefield Portal mode

. In a gameplay preview video released Friday, developer DICE shows what the new Recon-class Specialist ,

Camila Blasco is capable of and where players will shoot each other up in season 4, titled “Eleventh Hour.”

Blasco will be added to the Recon class in Battlefield 2042 season 4,

and she brings a new gadget called the X6 Infiltration Device that lets teammates move without alerting motion-based technology, DICE says.

 Blasco’s gadget also prevents lock-ons from hostile devices, interferes with active spotting technology,

and creates communication dead zones within its range until destroyed or deactivated. The X6 also pinpoints and reveals enemy tech in the vicinity.

Players will have a new battleground in Flashpoint for season 4. The map, set in South Africa, was a “once-thriving biodiversity hotspot,

now an abandoned development complex doomed for failure,” DICE says. Expect close-quarters combat in Flashpoint,

primarily at the power reactor core, and weapons and vehicles to support those intimate battle encounters.


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