Goodbye, LastPass: These are the best LastPass alternative password managers

Back in February 2021, password manager company LastPass announced some big changes to its free offering.

It restricted free accounts to one device type, either PCs or mobile devices, with support for additional types moving over to paid Premium and Family plans --

making it a less enticing option for many users who don't want to pay.

Then, LastPass was subject to a security incident in December 2022 -- its second of the year.

In a March update, the company said the first incident involved the compromise of a software engineer's laptop,

and "information stolen in the first incident was used to identify targets and initiate the second incident."

In the second scenario, an attacker gained unauthorized access to cloud backups, including "system configuration data, API secrets, third-party integration secrets,

and encrypted and unencrypted LastPass customer data" -- although no user master passwords were involved, as LastPass doesn't store them.

Considering LastPass's recent issues and restrictions, you may now be looking for a different password vault and manager to store your account credentials and autofill forms.

Our pick for the best LastPass alternative is Bitwarden. It has both free and affordable subscription options for both individuals

and companies that support single sign-on portals, syncing across unlimited devices.

It also has advanced security features to keep your personal and professional profiles safe. Read on for the rest of our selections for best LastPass alternatives to consider.

The best LastPass alternatives 1. Bitwarden Best LastPass alternative overall 2. NordPass Best cheap LastPass alternative

3. 1Password Best LastPass alternative for business 4. Google Chrome password storage Best LastPass alternative for Google Chrome users 5. KeePass Best open-source LastPass alternative


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