Best moveset for Haxorus in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

With Axew’s Community Day up next in Pokemon Go, we’re taking a look at its final evolution, Haxorus, and finding its best moveset and whether it’s any good for PvP Battles.

With Axew’s Community Day event in June 2023, Pokemon Go players around the world have the best opportunity to evolve the Gen 5 pseudo-Legendary Dragon-type into its final evolution, Haxorus.

Players who evolve a Fraxure during event hours will get a Haxorus that knows the Dragon-Type Charged Attack Breaking Swipe, so players should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

NEXT, you’ll find a list of all the attacks Haxorus can learn in Pokemon Go, as well as the moveset you’ll need to help you unleash its full power.

Haxorus best moveset in Pokemon Go One of the best movesets you can teach Haxorus for PvP Battles is Dragon Tail as the Fast Move and Breaking Swipe and for its Charged Moves.

It’s difficult to determine which of Haxorus’ two Fast Move options is the best, but generally speaking, Dragon Tail just barely tops Counter in this specific circumstance.

Trainers should go with Dragon Tail thanks to the handy STAB damage it provides. Additionally, its greater average energy generation will be offset by its Charged Move.

That being said, Counter is still a fantastic Fast Move to choose so either option will serve Haxorus well.

As mentioned above, trainers who evolve a Fraxure during Community Day hours — that’s 2 PM to 5 PM local time —

or up to five hours after will get a Haxorus that knows the Dragon-type Charged Attack Breaking Swipe.

Breaking Swipe is now Haxorus’ best Charged Move option, as it is 50 power and is guaranteed to lower the opponent’s attack.

This debuff, compounded by the fact that it’s essentially just an upgrade of Dragon Claw, makes it an easy choice for Haxorus’ preferred Charge Move.

Players who were unable to get Breaking Swipe should instead go with Night Slash or Earthquake.

Earthquake coupled with Breaking Swipe can take on some heavy hitters in the upper PvP ranks thanks to its massive damage potential.

On the other hand, Night Slash is much faster than Earthquake and provides a slightly more efficient DPS cycle.


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