Big Ten Network weighs in one final time (hopefully) on Ohio State's fake punt

The Big Ten Network isn’t quite done yet with Saturday’s game between Rutgers and Ohio State.

They aren’t quite done yet either now with the exchange between Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano and Ohio State’s Ryan Day.

You obviously know what happened by now.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game, Buckeyes punter Jesse Mirco evaded a punt block from Rutgers and ran 22 yards on what ended up being a fake punt.

Aron Cruickshank, after Mirco had already entered out-of-bounds,

delivered a hit that ended up earning the Rutgers returner an ejection.

And of course, Schiano and Day exchanged some words (Schiano had run across the field to separate his team).

After the game, both coaches talked briefly and hugged it out.

And in the post-game press conference, the two head coaches held no ill-will towards each other and spoke of each other with respect.

Leave it to former Ohio State defensive linebacker Joshua Perry of the Big Ten Network to offer a nuanced and rational final take on the Day-Schiano incident.

“I know both of those guys. They want what’s best for their players,”

Perry said on Wednesday in his weekly show with former Michigan tight end Jake Butt.

“They want their players to always feel like they are protected even in the heat of battle.

So I’m with you like, it looks crazy as it happens.

The whole thing is wild…And also like you wish Mirco didn’t pull it down and run it like you wish that there wasn’t a personal foul at the end of the play.

Very unique situation. I know these two guys probably had some conversation to sort that out.

”It was finally a balanced and fair opinion from Perry after days of hyperbole, overreaction and just non-sensical hot takes from all over the place on the Day-Schiano moment.

Well done Joshua Perry.


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