The Biggest Stadiums in the World

Stadiums play a crucial role in the world of sports, of course as a venue to watch games being played, but also as a place of almost religious significance for fans.

1. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium: 150,000 Capacity North Korea's national stadium is the largest facility in the world.

2. Michigan Stadium: 107,601 Capacity Michigan Stadium is the second-largest stadium in the world. It has gained a solid reputation among fans of college football since 1927.

3. Camp Nou: 98,000 Capacity Camp Nou is a prominent Spanish football stadium, and it can accommodate more than 98,000 spectators.

4. Rose Bowl: 92,542 Rose Bowl is one of North America's most famous football stadium with a seating capacity of 92,542 spectators.

5. First National Bank Stadium: 90,000 Capacity First National Bank Stadium, also called Soccer City, is one of the largest and most famous football stadiums in Johannesburg, South Africa.

6. Wembley Stadium: 90,000 Capacity Wembley is one of the biggest and most renowned stadiums, found in London, England.

7. Estadio Azteca: 87,000 Capacity Estadio Azteca is Mexico City's legendary sports stadium, with a seating capacity for over 87,000 spectators, making it the biggest stadium in Mexico.

8. Bukit Jalil National Stadium Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of the biggest stadiums in Southeast Asia, accommodating 87,411 spectators.

9. Borg El Arab Stadium Borg El Arab is Egypt's most iconic and world-class stadium, with a beautiful design and state-of-the-art amenities for players and spectators.

It has a seating capacity of over 86,000, making it one of the biggest sporting venues in North Africa.

Borg El Arab stadium has hosted several football matches and events, including the 2009 FIFA U-23 Word Cup and the African Cup of Nations.

The stadium was constructed in 2007 with modern infrastructure and facilities to meet international standards.

It is home to Egypt's national football team. However, the stadium also facilitates players and teams from other sports, such as rugby and athletics.


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