Josh Allen awkwardly snubs Peter King during revenge interview

After suffering through a year of watching film from arguably the most awkward incomplete of his career, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen finally got his revenge.

Last year at Bills training camp, Allen went viral for the awkward ending to his interview with NBC Sports NFL reporter Peter King.

After the final question was asked, Allen went in for the handshake, but King turned to the camera and signed off from the interview, completely ignoring the Bills quarterback.

This season, however, both King and Allen showed up to camp determined to rectify last season’s awkward encounter.

King came fully prepared to receive a handshake, Allen, however, seemed set on flipping the script and snubbing the veteran NFL reporter.

Allen looked absolutely stunned that King would leave him hanging like that last year.

But rather than scrambling, the Bills quarterback remained calm, stood strong, and stared at the camera, almost as if he was relishing the awkwardness of the moment.

Eventually, Allen’s poise and commitment paid off, as he completed the handshake to King, despite the uncomfortable delay.

art of the problem is that King opted for a two-handed grip on the microphone last year, putting himself in tough position to receive a handshake from Allen.

After a year of film review, however, King seemed much more apt to field a handshake this year, altering his mic grip to keep one hand free.

Determined not to let him down, King kept himself open for the handshake, but the Bills quarterback called a last second audible.

Allen knew the handshake option was there, but he improvised, dropped the mic, and ran from the pocket, leaving a befuddled King on an island.

Maybe this is an omen for the upcoming NFL season. Allen and the Bills are out for revenge.


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