Blake Corum puts up eye-popping bench press number in workout

The NFL recruiting combine is less than a year away from Blake Corum's turn.

The talented running back returned to Michigan football for yet another season despite the fact that,

 he could have been included this past season due to unresolved business.

Corum appears to have another quality that should also make all 32 programs covet his special ability.

The NFL recruiting combine is less than a year away from Blake Corum's turn.

While his running abilities should have NFL teams salivating at his potential at the next level, Corum also has another talent.

The Michigan football team's official Twitter account shared a video of Corum engaging in the bench press while being supported by his peers on Monday.

Ben Herbert, a strength and conditioning instructor, acted as his spotter as they timed each repetition of 225 pounds.

which is exceptional for a running back but not unheard of for a lineman.

Not quite a record for a tailback, but Wake Forest fullback Tommy Bohanon managed 36 repetitions on the bench press in 2013

. Alex Barnes of Kansas State scored 34 in 2019, Jerick McKinnon of Georgia Southern and Anthony Sherman of UConn scored 32 in 2014 and 2011,

At the most recent combine, Michigan defensive end Mazi Smith set team and defensive records with 34 repetitions.

Olu Oluwatimi, the center who won the Rimington Trophy and the Outland with 29 repetitions,

 would have lost to Corum's 30 reps.


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