Blake Corum puts up eye-popping bench press number in workout

Blake Corum is a little less than a year away from his turn in the NFL scouting combine.

 He could have been included this past year, but citing unfinished business,

the elite running back inexplicably decided to return to Michigan football for yet another year.

While his running skills should have NFL teams salivating at his potential at the next level,

Corum apparently has another attribute that should also make all 32 programs covet his unique capability.

The official Michigan football Twitter account posted a video on Monday of Corum participating in the bench press,

They counted up with every rep of 225-pounds that he put up, with strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert being his spotter.

 Corum reached an unbelievable 30 reps — not unheard of for a lineman, but certainly for a running back.


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