Browns are actively spending the most money of any team in the NFL

The Cleveland Browns, while they are about middle of the road in cap space in 2023, are actively spending the most money in the NFL.

Going back to the rollover cap, the Browns brought over a league-leading $27.5 million in funds not spent in 2022.

This has allowed general manager Andrew Berry to have a bigger allowance to splurge on this offseason as the Browns push all of their chips into the center of the table.

Active spending is defined by how much a team is spending on items that count against the cap for players that are currently on the team.

So while the Browns are also paying out over $16 million in dead money this season, that number is not included in the active spending figure.

Here is how much every team is actively spending in 2023. All figures come from Over the Cap.

Los Angeles Rams Active Spending: $139,183,357 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Active Spending: $149,849,876

Green Bay Packers Active Spending: $152,222,058 Carolina Panthers Active Spending: $159,186,094

Arizona Cardinals Active Spending: $164,809,579 Philadelphia Eagles Active Spending: $165,319,391

Minnesota Vikings Active Spending: $166,501,830 Chicago Bears Active Spending: $176,032,755

Houston Texans Active Spending: $179,660,126

Indianapolis Colts Active Spending: $183,071,049

New Orleans Saints Active Spending: $184,532,221


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