Bills 'Josh Allen vs. Stefon Diggs’ is a 'Personal' Issue, Claims Robert Griffin III

NFL analysts and fans alike have all been trying to diagnose the issue that caused Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs to miss the first day of the team's mandatory minicamp on June 13.

Some believe that Diggs has an issue with his involvement in the offense and the play-calling of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.

Others think that his feud could be with the front office and general manager Brandon Beane for not signing DeAndre Hopkins following the restructuring of the star receiver's contract.

But a new theory from Robert Griffin III, the former NFL quarterback-turned ESPN analyst, thinks the relationship between Diggs and quarterback Josh Allen could be the issue.

“I think it’s clear this is a personal thing between Josh and Diggs, and they have to get their partnership back on the field,

and that’s part of playing quarterback,” Griffin III said recently in an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

This new suggestion from Griffin is not all that different from another report which said that Diggs' frustrations were with the offensive playcalling due to his role in the offense.

Yet, any rumblings of a disconnect with Allen seem like they'd easily stem from the viral moment of Diggs publicly airing

his frustrations with his signal-caller during the Divisional Round loss to the Cincinnatti Bengals.

“Everything is fine until it’s not fine in a relationship when it comes to a quarterback and a wide receiver like Diggs,

so Josh has to manage that relationship the right way, and he’s the only one that can rectify it," Griffin III said.

At the end of that playoff loss, cameras caught Diggs on the sideline waving his arms in front of Allen, who he was obviously making his frustration known.

That memorable moment was before the star receiver stormed out of the locker room after the game.

Griffin III goes on to say that Allen must find a way to rekindle the relationship with Diggs that he described as a "bromance."

Whatever the issues are, Griffin III relayed what Allen told the media during Diggs' absence,

which is that the star receiver being at his best gives the Bills their best chance at winning the Super Bowl.


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