Charissa Thompson: Matthew and Kelly Stafford set me up with my boyfriend

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly Stafford can add “matchmaker” to their resumes.

Fox Sports host Charissa Thompson explained that the couple, who she’s close friends with, set her up with boyfriend Steven Cundari —

the co-founder of Summit House, a full-service creative marketing and advertising agency.

Thompson made the revelation during the latest installment of her “Calm Down” podcast with Erin Andrews, who gushed over Cundari to their guest, fellow sportscaster, Dan Patrick.

“I love him,” Andrews said repeatedly. “I basically call him her husband because I’m thinking it into existence.

“You will love him. Great sense of humor, super fun, good hang — can go to the work party and just be with my husband [Jarret Stoll]. You would love him.”

That’s when Thompson explained how she and Cundari met.

“Dan, the story there is that Matthew Stafford and Kelly were sick of me dating losers and they were like ‘we have a great guy for you,'” she recalled.

“So they were the matchmakers. So it was vetted,” Thompson said, laughing. “I know the social security and the bank account, so all is right.”

The “Thursday Night Football” host added that she “would never get married again.” Thompson went through a public divorce with sports agent Kyle Thousand in 2022 after two years of marriage.


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