Clemson moves up in the final College Football Playoff rankings

The final installment of the College Football Playoff rankings was released Sunday,

Swinney opting to make a move to Cade Klubnik in the ACC Championship game was huge for the Tigers’ season but just a week too late.

The four teams heading to the playoff are No.1 Georgia, No.2 Michigan, No.3 TCU,

and No.4 Ohio State. Clemson’s season will continue for one more game as the Tigers are set to play the Tennessee Volunteers in the Orange Bowl on Friday, Dec. 30, at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

Here is a look at the final CFP Top 25: 1. Georgia 2. Michigan

3. TCU 4. Ohio State

5. Alabama 6. Tennessee

7. Clemson 8. Utah

9. Kansas State 10. Southern Cal

11. Penn State 12. Washington 13. Florida State

14. Oregon State 15. Oregon 16. Tulane

17. LSU 18. UCLA 19. South Carolina 20. Texas

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