Clemson's new Garrett Riley-led offense receives tremendous praise Tigers' defenders

When Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football program made the massive move of adding 2022 ,

Broyles Award winner Garrett Riley onto the Tigers’ staff as offensive coordinator, expectations for this offense skyrocketed.

So far, the Clemson offense has been “balling,” according to wide receiver Beaux Collins.

Don’t believe him? He pointed put Xavier Thomas as he was waiting to be interviewed after practice and said to ask him.

A veteran on this team, Thomas has seen the good and the bad from the Clemson offense over the years.

A breath of fresh air for Clemson fans,

 this is exactly what the team was hoping Riley would do for this offense.

Thomas wasn’t the only defender to address the offenses improvements.

Star linebacker Barrett Carter has seen this offense make plays on the defense early in camp

and sees how they are keeping the defense off balance.

“Coming in with a new OC, new quarterback, I think the vibe over there has just been different,” Carter said.

“Cade (Klubnik) has taken that role and has run with it. He is really leading.

He is using his voice and the other guys are listening to him,


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