College Football Playoff chair explains why Michigan football is ranked behind Clemson

It came as a surprise to many that Michigan football was ranked No. 5 with Clemson No. 4.

While some analysts certainly had the Wolverines at No. 5 in their projections, it was because of TCU potentially being rated ahead of the maize and blue.

In fact, many predicted Michigan to come in ranked even higher in the top 4.

After the first rankings reveal on Tuesday night, College Football Playoff committee chair Boo Corrigan explained why the Wolverines were ranked at No. 5,

what they need to do going forward, what he’s seen from them, and more.

Here is what he had to say specifically about Michigan on the conference call with the media.

Why is there such a rankings disparity between Ohio State and Michigan? I would say the disparity is not that great in what we’re doing with the rankings themselves. That may be a little bit of a misnomer. 

Why is there such a rankings disparity between Ohio State and Michigan? But when we looked at Ohio State, the explosiveness of their offense averaging 49 points a game, winning games on average of 32 points. I think that really stood out to the committee.

Why is there such a rankings disparity between Ohio State and Michigan? Like Michigan a lot as a committee, more workmanlike, controlling their opponent. But again, I think there’s a weaker nonconference schedule that was talked about before. And that was part of the determination.

Thoughts on Michigan's resume I think they’re I think they’re right there and in a larger picture, signature win against Penn State, a well-balanced team. 

Thoughts on Michigan's resume But at the end of it, when you look at that strength of schedule, it is something that we do talk about as one of the principles that guides us at this point in time. Again, after Week 9, we felt they were right in the No. 5 position.

The discussion between Clemson and Michigan I think you should look at being 5-0 against teams that are over .500, Michigan is 2-0 against opponents that are over .500. Clearly, it’s going to factor in a win at Wake Forest, a win at Florida State.

The discussion between Clemson and Michigan As we’re going to Michigan’s win, signature win being the Penn State game, that again, all we can do is based on where we are at this point.

Is Michigan's 'workmanlike' performance a negative? No, I don’t think it’s negative at all to use that phrase if you go around it, because they’ve done a great job controlling their games and mixing the run with the pass, really solid defense, and special teams.

Is Michigan's 'workmanlike' performance a negative? But again, as we’re looking at this, with the margins in between, these are really good football teams. 

Is Michigan's 'workmanlike' performance a negative? And it’s our job to come up with the ranking on where it is and this week coming out of Week 9 we saw them as the No. 5 team.

Can Michigan work its way into the top 4? The most important thing is as we look at this, we go into every week with a clean sheet and this is where we are after Week 9 and we’ll come back next Monday and be able to go through the process again and scrub and rescrub and debate and go through everything again. 

Our job is not to project forward on any of the teams with regards to players that may be out or those types of things.

It’s just to deal with the information we have to date on where we are.

And again a lot of really good teams and a lot of active conversation and debate.


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