Ohio State ranking in first College Football Playoff rankings revealed

Now we’re talking. After all the talk and rankings that don’t really matter,

we finally got a look at the first release of the 2022 College Football Playoff rankings.

The big question if you are an Ohio State fan is what’s the baseline of where the Buckeyes will be slotted.

The experts think there’s a case to make from No. 1 through No. 4,

but the official rankings have been revealed and the Buckeyes checked in at No. 2, behind Tennessee (1) and just ahead of Georgia (3).

The rest of the top ten is a little surprising with the order but includes teams you would think with Michigan (5), Alabama (6), TCU (7), Oregon (8), USC (9), and LSU (10).

The reality here is that the first rankings only provide a starting point and if the Buckeyes win out, they are in.

 Beyond that, if Ohio State is a one-loss conference champion, it’s probably in too,

but might need some help depending on how everything else across this great sport shakes out.

THE CFBPlayoff TOP 6 IS HERE 1. Tennessee 2. Ohio State 3. Georgia

4. Clemson 5. Michigan 6. Alabama


The next stop along the journey begins this Saturday when Ohio State travels to Evanston to take on Northwestern.


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