Predicting what the third release of the 2022 College Football Playoff rankings will be

OK. After getting a peek at the official College Football Playoff rankings for two weeks, we have a good baseline of how things might play out with the next announcement.

I’m not claiming to know some of the zany things the CFP committee might do based on past history, but it does give us some guardrails to stay between.

Since we like a challenge, we’ll continue to bang our heads against the proverbial wall each week after all the games and get ahead of what you might see before the next rankings on ESPN.

Most days that’ll be on Tuesday, but we’ll get our final look at the CFP rankings that will determine the field on the Sunday after all the conference championship games.

This week the top four teams took care of their business with Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and TCU all winning, but we did see some teams clinging to hopes of seeing confetti fall go down.

Oregon lost to Washington, Ole Miss fell in a close one to Alabama, and Arizona knocked off UCLA.

That means there will most assuredly be a little bit of a shakeup when we see the dog and pony show that is the CFP rankings reveal on Tuesday.

Here is our best prediction for the third release of the 2022 College Playoff Rankings this week.

25. Texas Longhorns (6-4) NEXT UP at Kansas

24. Tulane Green Wave (8-2) NEXT UP vs. SMU

23. Coastal Carolina (9-1) NEXT UP vs. Virginia

22. Cincinnati Bearcats (8-2) NEXT UP at Temple

21. NC State (7-3) NEXT UP vs. Louisville

20. Florida State Seminoles (7-3) NEXT UP vs. Louisiana

19. UCF Knights (8-2) NEXT UP vs. Navy

18. Washington Huskies (8-2) NEXT UP vs. Colorado

17. Notre Dame (7-3) NEXT UP vs. Boston College

16. Kansas State Wildcats (7-3) NEXT UP at West Virginia

15. UCLA Bruins (8-2) NEXT UP vs. USC

14. North Carolina Tar Heels (9-1) NEXT UP vs. Georgia Tech

13. Ole Miss (8-2) NEXT UP at Arkansas

12. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-2) NEXT UP at Rutgers

11. Utah Utes (8-2) NEXT UP at Oregon

10. Oregon Ducks (8-2) NEXT UP vs. Utah

9. Clemson Tigers (9-1) NEXT UP vs. Miami

8. Alabama Crimson Tide (8-2) NEXT UP vs. Austin Peay

7. USC Trojans (9-1) NEXT UP at UCLA

6. LSU Tigers (8-2) NEXT UP at UAB

5. Tennessee Volunteers (9-1) NEXT UP at South Carolina

4. TCU Horned Frogs (10-0) NEXT UP at Baylor

3. Michigan Wolverines (10-0) NEXT UP vs. Illinois

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0) NEXT UP at Maryland

1. Georgia Bulldogs (10-0) NEXT UP at Kentucky