College Wire Mock 4.0: A new No. 1 overall pick emerges

As we head into Super Bowl weekend, College Sports Wire has yet another mock draft to consider.

Up until this point we haven’t addressed any draft day trades in our projections, that changes this week

. With the Chicago Bears in firm control of the top spot,

they can hold the selection hostage and stockpile more draft capital.

More than not the movement inside the top 10 is for a quarterback. In recent years we have seen the Packers move up for Jordan Love, the Jets for Sam Darnold,

the Bills for Josh Allen, the Chiefs for Patrick Mahomes, and the Cardinals for Josh Rosen to name a few.

It hasn’t always worked out in the cases of Darnold and Rosen,

 but there are instances like Kansas City striking gold with Mahomes.

1. Indianapolis Colts via Chicago C.J. Stroud, Quarterback: Ohio State

2. Houston Texans Bryce Young, Quarterback: Alabama

3. Arizona Cardinals Will Anderson, Edge: Alabama

4. Chicago Bears via Indianapolis Jalen Carter, Defensive Line: Georgia

5. Seattle Seahawks via Denver Tyree Wilson, Edge: Texas Tech

6. Detroit Lions via Los Angeles Rams Will Levis, Quarterback: Kentucky

7. Las Vegas Raiders Peter Skoronski, Offensive Tackle: Northwestern

8. Atlanta Falcons Myles Murphy, Edge: Clemson


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