Cornette Tweets like Klatt's are what's wrong with social media

ACC Network’s Jordan Cornette continued to defense Clemson football against the comments made earlier in the week by Fox Sports Joel Klatt.  

During the who In Play Cornette defended the Tigers.

“Since Clemson won their first title with Dabo and he has won two of them in 2016 and 2018, Cornetta said.  

“Since 2016 Dabo verse the AP Top 25 is 23-6.  Dabo has beaten in that CFP Ohio State twice, Bama twice to win the championships.  

Those are supposedly the gold standard in both the SEC and the Big Ten so I am confused there.”

The Tigers have earned respect but it isn’t always given.

“I don’t know what leg you have to stand on to disrespect a program that has the longest active win streak currently in college football,

the longest active home win streak in college football and it is not like they are void of talent.

 Every year this machine, machine of Clemson turns out talent.  

Trevor Lawrence, DHop, DW, Christian Wilkins.  

You are talking about a program that is right up there with the rest of them and has a proven body of work of doing it.  

So I guess to reiterate what Packer was telling ACC PM the other day I don’t know if they will beat them this year.  

But I know what they are primed to do.  To be in position to chase historically what they have been able to do.  

They have played in ten college football playoff games of the 24,” said Cornette.

The comments by Klatt are what is wrong with social media according to the ACC Network host.

“And Joel if you want Tweets and Retweets and all of that stuff find a better avenue of doing it because this is what is wrong with social media right here.  

Not that Elon Musk is taking it over.  That people Tweet this stuff out and it gets retweeted.

It is disrespectful to Clemson.

It is disrespectful to what Dabo has built,” said Cornette.


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