Deep RB, TE draft classes allow Cowboys patience in March and in April

The Cowboys are at a crossroads at both the running back and tight end positions.

At running back, Tony Pollard is a free agent and Ezekiel Elliott is potentially on the chopping block.

At tight end, Dalton Schultz is also a free agent and the top option behind him only has 430 career offensive snaps to his name.

The natural instinct is to worry about the impact of these potential losses and act proactively in free agency.

A veteran player, internal to the org or from the outside, may not be the ideal answer,

 but it’s the safest answer. It raises the floor and protects Dallas from a worst-case scenario but it comes at a cost, both monetarily and in opportunity share.

It’s a good draft to be needy at these positions because viable starters could be available into the third day.

 When the stars align like this, smart captains set their sails and charge forward accordingly.

Whether Dallas is looking for a potential starter or for depth, a windfall of options should be available.

 Running back starters are routinely found in the mid-to-latter portions of the draft, Dallas needn’t force the issue early or commit long-term to a veteran unless they’re absolutely sold on said player.


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