Deion Sanders  net worth

Deion Sanders is a retired American professional football and baseball player who has a net worth of $45 million.

Deion Sanders is considered one of the most gifted athletes of all time and one of the very few who excelled in two professional sports at the same time.

 He's the only person in history to have played in both a World Series and a Super Bowl.

In 1989 he hit a home run in a baseball game and scored a touchdown in an NFL game IN THE SAME WEEK!

 Deion is often compared to fellow dual-sport athlete Bo Jackson.

And while Bo never appeared in a Super Bowl or World Series, he did face off against Deion Sanders five times on the baseball diamond in 1990.

 At his professional peak, Deion Sanders was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world,

 earning $10-15 million per year in the late 1990s between endorsements and contracts from baseball and NFL teams.

 In December 2022 Deion signed a 5-year,

$29.5 million contract to become the head coach of the University of Colorado football team.


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