Deshaun Watson blasted for off-the-field antics

The Cleveland Browns created headlines when they traded for controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson and signed him to the largest guaranteed contract in NFL history.

Watson served an 11-game suspension to start the 2022 season for gross sexual misconduct in over 20 massage therapy appointments he booked privately.

This season, however, the Browns are hoping Watson can regain his old form after they try to climb out of the basement of the AFC North.

Watson looked sharp in minicamp, but he’s drawing the ire of fans for his recent excursion to Europe with his longtime girlfriend, Jilly Anais.

“Is she still with him?!!!” one fan asked, bewildered.

“Why won’t she leave him? Well, here’s why. You already know why you’re in a relationship with him,” said another fan.

“You guys are looking around like there’s paparazzi. ‘Stand outside and record me walking out, I’m going to act confused.’ That’s how I exit Walmart!” wrote another fan.

Watson signed a five-year, $230 million extension with the Browns that, as mentioned before, came fully guaranteed.

Watson can certainly afford a luxurious vacation to Europe with his girlfriend despite settling out of court with the 23 massage therapists who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Watson reportedly settled those lawsuits for roughly $33 to $55 million.


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