Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend Jilly Anais drops sneak peek from Mykonos vacation

Deshaun Watson and Jilly Anais are vacationing at one of the most envious spots. Recently, Anais posted a TikTik video where the couple was seen enjoying the immaculate beaches in Mykonos, Greece.

Watson and Anais have been dating since 2019 when he was the quarterback for the Houston Texans. The couple recently also attended the final of the Champions League,

where the former Miss Teen Houston did not miss flashing cash. Now, they are enjoying a peaceful time in Greece.

In the video Anais uploaded, she can be seen wearing a tie-dye bikini and enjoying the beach. The couple was spotted vacationing in Turkey after Watson attended a four-day minicamp.

They also enjoyed a fun-filled day at Cedar Point a few days ago, which ended with attending a baseball game.

Browns head coach excited for Deshaun Watson to show his prowess this season : Although it’s Watson’s second season with Cleveland, 

it will really be his first season with the team in terms of normalcy. Fans know that the eight games he played last season were not impressive.

However, the team’s head coach, Kevin Stefanski, assured that there was more to his performance. He said the following appearing on the Rich Eisen Show.

“There were some glimpses of elite quarterback play that we have all seen from him over the course of his career...As a team, we were not perfect.

We were up and down, I think we went 3-3 in the games that Deshaun played. As a player, there were some ups and downs.”

When Watson returned after his suspension to the team, the Browns went .500 and shielded to make it to the playoffs.

Jacoby Brissett, the now quarterback of the Washington Commanders, played in the first 11 games in Watson's place.

“I think where he is right now, hard to compare to a year ago, but I certainly see a comfort level in what we’re doing offensively.

I see a guy that is always going to be leading out in front, that’s kind of who he is.”

The head coach assured that despite not showing his merit last season, Watson had a successful minicamp where he fully participated in the OTAs.


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