Detroit Lions' alternate helmet a little something old, something new and something blue

When the NFL announced it would allow teams to wear alternate helmet designs beginning with the 2022 season, 13 franchises immediately jumped at the opportunity.

That first wave of designs fell into one of two camps. There were teams like the New England Patriots,

New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, who paid homage to a classic look, leaning heavily on a retro logo.

The others opted for a modernized color variation of their current design , such as Cincinnati's white helmet with their traditional tiger stripes,

or black versions for Carolina, Philadelphia, Arizona and the New York Jets.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears inverted their traditional helmet and logo color schemes, going with a orange shell to complement their orange alternate uniform.

The Detroit Lions took a wait-and-see approach with the franchise already in the throes of a rebuilding and rebranding of the on-field product,

under the new leadership of general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell.

Now, a year later, the team is unveiling its own alternate helmet, which offers the best of the aforementioned themes, highlighting a historical logo with a fresh and modern look.

For the first time in franchise history, the Lions will wear a logo the team utilized throughout the 1960's, just never as part of its uniform.

A spinoff from the famous Ford Mustang emblem, it consists of silver and blue racing stripes behind a lean, angular lion.

The same logo also has been incorporated into the team's 90th season jersey patch that will be used in 2023.

The 1960's logo will be situated on a matte blue-finished helmet, departing from the traditional silver, metallic look the team has worn for decades.

The lion in the logo will be flipped, as to be facing forward on both sides of the helmet, while the racing stripes will remain unmirrored,

with the silver stripe remaining closest to the front. The design is completed by a matte gray face mask.

It will mark the first time the Lions have worn blue helmets since 1955, two years before the team last won a championship.


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